Feeling a bit low tonight.

Many reasons, but none I'm particularly ready to share with my friends inside the computer.

Makes me a bit sad because I can't remember ever feeling like I couldn't share something with my friends inside the computer.

Maybe it's just that admitting things here makes them real. Or at the very least, more real than they are when I keep them locked away in my head.

Times like this, I miss pieces of my old life a bit.

Hopefully, being nice to Marinka's replacement will be my biggest challenge in the morning. That and getting my ass out of bed, I suppose.

I would be insanely happy if I didn't have to deal with either. Of course, I suppose if I stay in bed, I can take care of both problems, but the new girl will still be there on Tuesday, so...


Missing the ex. Shouldn't be, but I am. Somehow admitting it makes me feel better. Like less of a cheat or something.

Time for bed now, I suppose...

Gloomy Sunday...
April 18, 2005 12:06 a.m.

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